Tuesday, September 18, 2012

book : a world without islam

what if Islam never existed?
to some,it's a comforting thought: no clash of civilizations, no holy wars, no terrorists.
but what if that weren't the case at all?

A World Without Islam takes us on an illuminating journey through history,geopolitics,and religion to investigate whether there is something unique in Islam and its followers that breeds violence and conflict.spanning the rise of Muhammad SAW to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire to the present day, the book examines and analyzes the roots of terrorism, the conflicts in Israel and Chechnya, and the role of Islam in supporting and energizing the anti-imperial struggle.A World Without Islam is certain to inspire debate and reshape the way we think about Islam's relationship with the West.

author : Graham E.Fuller.former vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council at the CIA.
genre : political science.

"Brilliant and erudite....One of the most stimulating books written on the Middle East in recent years."
Times of India

*terbeli di LCCT(13/8/12) untuk bacaan di udara.
out of 364 pages,baru terbaca 15%.haha.
(i'm really a slow reader..-_-)


  1. sila baca description di atas.itulah general view tntg buku ni.
    belum habis baca lagi.haha~
    so,ndak dpat maw trangkan scara lnjut.

  2. description trlalu general. ndak dpt idea lg. hoho. kalau sdh habis baca please rate and comment. :D kalau best teringin jgk mo cari.