Sunday, June 21, 2020


air kosong
jus oren
kopi panas menjadi dingin
air kosong suam direnangi semut
jus oren aisnya cair 

kipas angin

--kenapa tidak diteguk saja ketika semuanya sudah dituang ke dalam gelas?

kenapa tidak dibaca saja ketika mukasurat-mukasuratnya sudah diselak? itulah akhirnya; kehausan kata.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

this is not who i am. this is not what i want. i'm sorry, but you've mistaken me for somebody else.

oh please. i want to write again. i want to create something again. i want to connect on a deep meaningful level with my inner self, with my wife and with whoever happens to read my writings. i want to write beautiful things that matter and maybe, move people, and of course, above and beyond all, move myself in the process. i want to lose myself in doing something more connecting, in writing down about the things that people can't find words to describe and often ignored; honest feelings and true emotions. daylight tears and midnight laughs. i want to discover and learn new words. i want to construct new paragraphs. and i want to become more me. so, whatever it is that is holding my pen right now, please, i beg you, let me run it again.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

the ninth month of hijriah.

usai taraweh ringkas berdua.
tepi tingkap firdausi- kubikel kecil kami.

"you've a lot of draft isn't it? why you didn't post any of them? i'm always waiting for your writing. i miss them."
"yeah. me too.. i guess.. hmm, we'll see how.." 

resolusi ramadhan keempat; menulis.

happy ramadhan gaes.