Wednesday, April 11, 2012

what if you died tomorrow?

a question,
suppose you learn tonight that tomorrow is your last day.
in other word,after tomorrow you will die..
what will you do?where would you go?what would you eat?what would you drink?how would you pray?
who would you see?who would you talk to?what would your thoughts be?what would your living be on that day?
what would your action be on the last day on the face of this earth?
you'll indeed look at every mind seconds of that day!!!

you will not dare to go against Allah legislation,not even for one second that day.
6200 people die in the world every single hour.this is happening around us.
we hear it,we see it,we watched it,we shroud it,we smelt it,we carry it.
yet,it is amazing that we believe it's not gonna happen to us...

every single one of us is carrying ticket at the moment,a one way ticket.
you are going to a journey that you will never come back from and you have not prepared for it?
you do not know when you gonna die.
death can hit you,confront you at any second.

what is this world?what are we doing in this world?
are we really enjoying this life?are we contestant?are we believers?are we muslim?do we really love the one who created us?

the main purpose of us,of any individual that is he/she works for the akhira.forget about this duniya.
its really worth reality it's worth nothing,this duniya is going to finish like this.
in this life we are just struggling and we are trying to win the battle between ourselfs and the shaytaan.
in order to get into the jannah,in order to be,when we are in that situation,which is the grave.we will be successful,we will not be suffering in the grave.

dear brothers and sisters,
let us be ready for this day,for tomorrow we are gonna enter that little black hole.

inspired by the talks of Sheikh Feiz Muhammed and Sheikh Haitham al-Haddad

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