Saturday, August 27, 2016


there are some phases and moments in life that make you pause and reflect; moments where your life thus far flashes before your eyes- who was i? where have i come? how did i get here? and snapshots of memories flash one after the other- all the smiles, all the moments of struggle, the tears, and the hugs; the moments of joy and moments of pain all come through. this happened to me the other day as i was standing, looking outside the window; as still as i was, the world outside was shuffling and moving; everyone was in transit. and i realized at that moment as snapshots started to flash in my mind, that i was in transit too. we’re all in transit. those memories were all snippets of moments that were also just fleeting by, just moving on from one moment to the next.
and that’s the summation of our lives. we are all in transit, hustling, bustling, struggling, exhausting ourselves to make it back home, to make it back to where we came from, back to a place where we no longer will be in transit, a place of permanence, a place of eternity- a place of lasting peace- paradise. Master, please allow us to live our lives in a way that is pleasing to You, please take us in a state that is pleasing to You, and please enter us into Your paradise, please allow us to make it back home to You.

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