Sunday, March 13, 2016

dealing and healing.

"how do i know if my hardship is a punishment or a blessing?"
"it depends on your reaction or respond to it. there are three basically."

"ok. first?"
"anger or impatient. it could be a sign of punishment."

"sabr or patience. it is a sign of blessing. just like the old leaves falling off from the tree, it wipe your sins."

"and third?"
"the best, ridha or contentment. for this, it is not only a purification but it is also an elevation by Allah swt in your status as a believer. you're going up to another level with your imaan."


  1. And Even so, in the end we still have no guts to say this kind of hardship is a blessing from God.
    Entah macam mana nak yakinkan hati yang bukan semua kesusahan dan ujian ini adalah hukuman dari Dia.
    Dan susah juga nak katakan yang ujian ini adalah satu bentuk Cinta Dia pada kita.

    But the least we can do is,
    To have faith in him.

    Jzkk for this entry.