Thursday, June 25, 2015


below is a fishy conversation.

"scar. do you have any?"
"dude, how i really wish i have one.. toyota wish maybe."
"i said scar, dude. not a car.."
"ouh, scar.. haha. sorry sorry. hmmm.. i think i have one. yup, here at my left elbow. got this from a terrible bicycle accident few years back. why asking? so, now you are selling medical product to remove scar? hpa? qu puteh? ambi pur? eh, that is a car perfume.."
"no lah.. did you regret having it? its make you look ugly isn't it? but still, you are ugly even without it. haha. kidding."
"cis, how dare you.. regret? maybe no. for me, scar is kind of a memory. and memories can mean a lot. it teach a lot too. bleed will stop. pain will disappear. in the end of the day, all left was just the beautifully engraved scar, as a mark that the wound had been healed and as a proof that you're strong enough to have gone through that. scar not necessarily being represent as a bad thing. at least this will remind me of the nurse that treat me back then. she was sooo kind dude, sooo angelic.. told you."
"ah, itchy you.. but how about inner scar? how to describe that?"
"inner scar is all about feelings and emotions. sometimes when we came across some old heartbreaking memories from the past, we smile with a drop of tear falling through our cheek. sometimes we just give out a long 'sigh' with a smile at the end of it. for me, that was form of inner scar. a mark that can be seen. a mark that you have been recovered. a proof that you're strong enough to have gone through that."
"time treat better than anything right?"
 "yup. by Allah's will.."

*grammar yang bertaburan umpama bintang bintang di angkasa..  )-_-(