Saturday, March 28, 2015

hang in there.

bright sunny day.

"how was it?"

just perfect for a walk.

"your life. since we graduated." 
"i don't know. yes, everything was going smooth as people see. i already got a job. but, hmphh.."
"why? what do you mean by that sigh?"

err, not a walk really.

"how to say aa.. working life was too hard laa.. 'too complicated' sounds more appropriate maybe.."
"err, be specific bro. i'll listen. usrahmate, didn't we?"
"hmm, how should i say this.. peoples outside.. seems like everyone wore a mask. you'll never know what they really are behind that mask. 'good' peoples are everywhere. but, as i mentioned.. seems like they being good for something personal, to save themselves from trouble and making sure at least something will goes into their pocket. at the end of the day, they just pick anything or even anyone to became their black sheep. work integrity, this one super important thing that our lecturer always remind us to practice when we jump into the industries? i didn't found it all.. something that worry me much now, the rezeki that i gain, is it berkat or not?"

they drove a car actually.

"understood bro. our lecturer didn't warn us about that for nothing. they know well how was the industry works. that's the real challenge for a newbie like us. we should stick to our own principle as a muslim; there is halal and haram, never lose grip of that. i believe, there are still ikhlas's peoples outside, just maybe you didn't meet them yet. and guest what, in this temporary dunya, we always have a second option for everything. either to stay or to go, its also a choice that God put in our hands for us to pick. just remember this basic rule; always ask for His guidance. along the way you might fall ten times. simply, stand up eleven."

okay, that's not funny at all.
i'm sorry.

"insyaAllah, thanks for your words dude. jom cendol, ambo belanja."
"itu sebenarnya yang aku tunggu kau cakap. jom!"

thats it.
the end..

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